Training programs for competitive golfers

Systematic training

BDGA coaches follow a systematic training program, as proven by the top training academies in the United States to help their students improve and also peak during times of competition.  Basically what this means, is that BDGA students get taken through different phases in their golf training and it can be broken down into the following: 1. Skills training 2. Pre-competition training 3. Tournament preparation 4. Competitive play 5. Tournament evaluation 6. Active rest 7. Back to skills training.

Understanding your mental profile can be a huge help in understanding how you will react under pressure.

Have a look at what Buhrmann Du Toit Golf Academy has to offer competitive golfers.

What can BDGA help you with?

Evaluating your game holistically

There are a lot of facets that play into your success as a golfer, we evaluate them all.  These include, techniques, equipment, mental make-up for golf, physical abilities, nutrition, social situation


Without a good plan, no one has ever achieved anything worthwhile.  We’ll help you create a detailed plan for improving the various aspects influencing your golf game.  These include, fitness plan, skills improvement plan (techniques, mental skills), tournament plan, practice plan

Tournament preparation

In the end you want to get results at tournaments and we’ll help you plan for events and help your prepare so you can attain your goals quicker.  We’ll use our vast tournament experience to guide you through this process.

Tournament play – time management

There are many things that steal your time at tournaments - pro-ams, media, sponsors, equipment sponsors, fans etc.  We’ll teach you how to manage yourself during a tournament week to perform optimally. 

Tournament play – course and game management

We’ll teach you how to approach different courses to best suit your skills.  We’ll teach you how to deal with tournament pressures, caddies, maintaining your confidence, coaching yourself when things are going wrong.

Evaluating tournament play

Evaluating your tournament play and learning from it is a vital step in the process of improving your game.  We'll teach you how to do this as well as how to learn from your golf stats.


How you travel, where you stay, who you stay with play a huge part in your performance.  We’ll teach you all the tricks of the trade.


Without sponsors (personal, corporate, equipment, tournament) the world of competitive golf does not exist.  We'll teach you what these different sponsors are and how to manage your relationship with them. We'll also teach you how to get sponsors, manage them and make them work for you.

College Golf

What is it?  How to get a scholarship, how does the system work?  We have experience and contacts in College golf system to call on

Full Time Golf Academy

Program structure

  • 8am - 12pm Monday to Friday
  • Limited to 30 players

Who should enter?

Aspiring professional golfers as well as current professional golfers.


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Junior Golf Academy

Program structure

  • 3pm - 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Limited to 15 players

Who should enter?

Junior golfers with big dreams and serious about improving their games.


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Former Students

3 former number one junior players in South Africa