Junior Golf Academy

For students who are already competing on a regional and national basis and preparing to compete after leaving school. Instruction focuses on mastery of swing mechanics, swing efficiency, power development, mastery of the rules, effective training, practice, and periodization, advanced tournament preparation and achieving a national ranking.

Future Stars

For students who are starting to compete locally and on a regional level. Instruction focuses on movement patterns, knowledge of club dynamics and ball flight, skill acquisition, improved on-course decision making, productive practice habits and feedback, introduction to tournament preparation and tournament evaluation.

Young Guns

For students who are beginning to compete in tournaments on an individual basis. Instruction focuses on golf's fundamentals, foundational movement patterns, swing basics, early skill acquisition, and beginning education.

Beginner golf Clinics

For students who want an introduction to the game in a fun, group setting. Sessions are focused on basic fundamentals and having fun.

Junior Golf Programs